Floor Covering Products Coir Door Mats

Popular qualities:-

Creel Mats: Medium thick brush, available in two different qualities, Vycome Creel-VC & Beach Creel-BC. Its available in rectangular, half round and shaped patterns. A variety of designs can be printed on these mats with or without rubber / latex backing. Pile height: 22mm. wt: 4.2-4.8 kg /

Fibre Mats: Woven by inserting tufts of Cir Fibre by skilled hands. Heavy hardweaving and compact brush. Dense coir fibre pile makes it ideal for printed designs. Widely recognized as the most elegant doormat. Pile height: 28mm. Wt: 7.8kg /

Vinyl Backed Mats: PVC tufted (Vinyl backed) mats and matting rolls are made by tufting natural coir fibre into PVC backing. These doormats offers best scrub results and have low fibre shredding properties and come with a non slip backing. Can be easily cut to any size / shape. Rolls with a maximum width of 2 mtr can be produced in varying thickness of 15mm, 17mm, 20 mm & 23 mm. Wt: 5.8 - 7.8kg /

Shipment: within 20 days of order

Packing: Required pieces in Poly Bags / Cartons

Standard size: 35 X 60cm, 40 X 70cm, 45 X 75cm, 60 X 100cm, 80 X 120cm 14 X 24inch, 16 X 28inch, 18 X 30inch, 24 X 40inch, 32 X 48 inch.

Any design can be printed on Natural or bleach base coir mat and printing can be done with Coir Dyes or Enamel Paints


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