Other Interests Of Group




Big Brother Transporting Company

Big Brother Transporting Company, a division of Bros India operates 5 container trailers, primarily involved in transporting containers of the Group companies from its 6 factories located in various places in South India to seaports. The trailers also serve other manufacturing and exporting companies for transporting their food products, garments, seafood, carpets etc. in a speedily and safely to the seaport for export. Bros India Group’s Bros India Farm & Estates division has interest in Cashew, Tea plantations and the cultivation of paddy. The company has over 100 acres of land under cultivation at Theni in Tamil Nadu, Peerumedu, Kuttikanam, Thekkady and Kumarakom in Kerala.



Paddy Field

Nature is bountiful


Bros India has interests in paddy cultivation. We have cultivation in Kuttanad, the rice bowl of Kerala. The paddy fields are a sight, to watch. Stretching out in lush green, viewing paddy fields is soothing to one’s eyes. The paddy fields of Bros India are cultivated in a traditional cum modern method, ensuring high yield with minimum quantity of chemical fertilizer or pesticides.


Tea Estates


Bros India has interests in tea plantations with out plantation located on the Western Ghats, the eastern part of central Kerala and adjoining part of Tamil Nadu. They are at an elevation of 4300ft to 6200ft. above sea level.


Bros India Holiday Homes


Bros India is now developing Holiday Homes at their Tea Estates. Customers are offered Villas on 10 to 25 cents of land as holiday homes. As the estate is located 4000 – 6000ft above sea level, they enjoy a cool climate the year round, surrounded by 2000 acres of lush green tea estates all around.


Cashew Planting


Cash growing on trees


Cashew plantations are yet another successful venture of Bros India. The Cashew is a tree that was native to Brazil and brought to India by Portuguese about 300 years ago. Today India is a leading producer of cashew nuts. The Plantation is located at Theni, Tami Nadu 30km from Thekkady.