Coir Agri Yarn & Rope


The characteristics of Coir Rope are:

  • Very strong and have more number of strands

  • Well formed and the yarn is evenly spun

  • Free from grooves, kinks and sunken yarns

  • Are true to its type and are unadulterated

  • Are free from siliceous matter and shorts

  • All coir yarns are two – fold being formed bytwisting together

  • Well formed and the yarn is evenly spun


Yarn is made out offibre extracted from coconut husk.


RETTED FIBRE, also called white fibre is extracted from green coconut husk after retting in flowing, circulating or changed water (lagoon –river) for a period of minimum three months. The retting will help the fibre to be extracted easily and without damage.


The original strength and length of the fibre will be preserved.Long retting will withdraw much acid and pectin, which can cause oxidation and shorter life of the fibre. The lignin and the cellulose will be reinforced.


The yarn made out of long retted fibre will be softer, will have increased water absorption power, higher breaking strength power, better elongation capacity, and superior longevity. Long retted fibre is a must for good quality yarn.


Coir Rope

We offer coir rope which can be used for the various purposes like other ropes. It can be used for shipping, climbing, transport and safety proposes.



Thickness from 3 mm to 20 mm

Running Mtr. 30Mtr. To 200Mtr/ Kg

Common Quality: Beypore & Roping Yarn



Spools, Bundle, Jottas of 10Kgs to 40 Kgs