Coir Soil Bags & Jute Flood Control Bags


Advantages of Using our
jute bags:

  • Hand made from natural jute

  • Superb quality

  • Cost

  • Eco- friendly, these are biodegradable and reusable

  • Very strong construction

  • Wide choices in style, color, any design

  • We offer customized screen- printing with logo.



Cor & jute soil bags finds applications in erosion control, separation, filtration and drainage in civil engineering works and agricultural uses. Known for its coarse character due to its heavy texture, jute has come to acquire the center stage as an eco-friendly alternative. Jute is characterized by its silky texture, high tensile strength and resistance to heat and fire. Be it in conserving the soil and the environment or in applications like civil engineering, which are essential for the progress of civilization, jute has the answer.  


40 x  60 cm
50 x 70 cm & Custom Made