Coir Plant Pallets



  • Convenient, economic, and easy to install
  • 100% natural and biodegradable
  • Dimensionally sound and stable
  • No need removal after vegetation is established

Typical Applications:

  • Hydroponics growing of pre-vegetated mats

  • Rapid vegetation of wetlands

  • Seed germination

  • Protecting high wave impact shorelines

  • Aquatic plant propagation

  • Sediment trapping in construction run-off


The Use of Pallets is an excellent technique for establishing marginal vegetation around lakes edges and on all watercourse banks. The pallets are a cost-effective, Organic protection that is a suitable alternative to hard revetments in many applications.


Coir Pallets provide a suitable method of introducing marginal habitat to artificially lined lakes, rivers and canals. Coir is an ideal fibre for erosion control and vegetation establishment and is completely sustainable Coir Pallets can be vegetated with any mix of native wetland plants and, given sufficient lead-time, local provenance plants/ seeds can be contract grown into the pallets. Coir Pallets should be supplied with plants installed at the nursery so that roots will already be thoroughly established through the bottom of the roll.  


Coir Fibre Rolls


Coir Fibre Rolls, placed along the waterline, prevent fretting and erosion of the interface between the normal water level and the bank. Like Coir Pallets, they provide an instant stand of vegetation as well as erosion protection.  


Available Size : 5cm to 10 cm in thickness upto 1 meter width and 5 meter length

Loadability : 300 m2 /40 ft container