Coir Bio Embankers



  • The coir Embankers in the system provides constant layer heights and makes construction of Fabrics wrapped soil layers easier.
  • Provides much longer protection to soil wraps from the thick coir fiber block than Making the soil wraps with fabrics only.
  • The male-female end in coir block system provide strong continues section, while maintaining it is structural integrity
  • Provides better support to soil behind the rectangular block.
  • More contact area at the bottom
  • In most situation no inner fabrics is required when soil warps are done with coir block System. Reduces cost.
  • Reduces valuable installation time, reduces overall project cost, and worry free designs.

Coco Bio embankers from Bros India have high water holding capacity. They have high consistency and are last long. The best part is that it holds moisture longer and releases it to the soil slowly. It’s excellent drainage and air porosity nature is beneficial.

  • Easy to re-wet

  • Inhibits root pathogens

  • Promotes stronger root systems

  • No weed seeds

  • Cost effective and recyclable

Standard Size : 16'' X 9'' X 10ft


Location: Quebec, Canada

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