Coir Geotextiles


Coir Geotextiles

  • Can dissipate the energy of following water and absorb the excess solar radiation.
  • Can be successfully utilized in controlling even the steepest of slopes from erosion.
  • Can absorb water, allowing re-vegetation in low rain areas

Benefits of coir Geotextiles:

  • 100% Natural fibre, extracted from coconut husk
  • Adds organic material to soil
  • Promotes vegetative growth
  • 100% Bio-degradable and environmentally friendly
  • Tough, durable, versatile and resilient
  • High tear-strength resistance
  • Easy to install/maintain/ patch-up.
  • Follows the contour of the soil surface. Hygroscopic properties
  • (absorbing or attracting moisture from the air) High tensile strength

Coir geo textiles are best for controlling soil erosion and conditioning soli. Made from coir fiber, they are naturally resistant to rot and moulds and is cheaper than synthetic geo-textiles. They hold soil in place and prevent erosion, dissipating the force of heavy rains and run of water. It provides good soil support for years, allowing natural vegetation to become established. Coir geo textiles promote the growth of new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing the topsoil from drying out. As it has strength and durability, it protects slopes and help natural vegetation to take root, coir geo textiles are available as woven, meshes and nets and non woven. They have varying densities depending on their application. Over a period of time the eco friendly and biodegradable coir disintegrates completely, leaving only humus.                                                           


Location: Lexington, KY, USA

Location: Lexington, KY, USA
Popular varieties:
400 gm/m2
700 gm/m2
900 gm/m2

Available qualities from 400Gms  per sq. Mtr to 1500 Gms per

Available size of rolls:

2 Mtr. to 4 Mtr width and length from 10 Mtrs to 50 Mtrs.


Standard Roll Size:

    • 2 Mtr X 50 Mtrs.(100M2)120Sq.yd.per roll
    • 4 Mtr X 50Mtrs.(200M2)240Sq.yd per roll

Packing: Each Roils covered in poly propylene bags with handle for easy unloading and transportation 

container shipment: Within 7 days

Weaving of Geotextiles
Quality Checking / Packing
Inventory of Geotextiles

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