Coco Disc (Tree Mats)


Benefits are:

The roots can breathe as air can penetrate through the coco Discs while plastic discs trap in heat and don’t allow in air. Coco Discs are natural and biodegradable. No hand weeding is necessary, Ne need for herbicides. Water and fertilizer goes in to the soil. Less water is required as evaporation is reduced As it is thick and heavy and as it retains water, It stays in place and will not blow off.



The manufacture of Coco Disc is a time consuming work. The product is excellent for those who grow high value plants and trees. The Coco Disc helps prevent the growth of weed around the plant and in the container. Coco Discs, made from coconut fibres are best for use in Seed rising and seedlings or sapling. It helps keep the root of plant moist. As the plant roots are blocked from direct sunlight, the moisture is not evaporated. It prevents the growth of weeds around the plant that suck off the nutrients in the soil. Bros India offers Coco Discs in a variety of sizes and thickness.


Available size : Thickness 5 mm & 10 mm, 10 cm to 60 cm (dia and square)


Packing : Poly bag, Carton Box & Bulk Packing


Final finishing